New Rockford Canal

The New Rockford Canal is a feature of the Garrison Diversion Unit Principal Supply Works.  The canal begins on the east side of the Lonetree Wildlife Management Area, in central North Dakota and runs for 41.5 miles through Wells and Eddy counties. 
Under the original Garrison Diversion Unit plan, the Lonetree Reservoir was to be a regulating reservoir connecting the McClusky Canal and the New Rockford Canal.  This reservoir was deauthorized by the Dakota Water Resources Act of 2000 and, instead, developed into a wildlife conservation area.  The Lonetree Wildlife Management Area is operated by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department.
The Garrison Diversion Operations & Maintenance (O&M) staff provides routine maintenance to the canal, including monitoring and inspection, building and equipment maintenance, rock and gravel hauling, and spraying for noxious weeds.  The O&M is provided under a cooperative agreement with the Bureau of Reclamation.