An Impressive 40 Years of Service

Posted: Mar 12 2018

General Manager Homer Engelhorn hired Julee Erdmann in 1978 to serve as a secretary for the Garrison Diversion Conservancy District (Garrison Diversion). Her dedication to the job carried her to an impressive 40 years of service with the district when she retired in January 2018.

When Julee began her employment with Garrison Diversion, she was a part-time employee performing administrative duties such as sorting and distributing mail, filing and typing the Diversion Digest, a newsletter distributed by Garrison Diversion. She continued at parttime,
enjoying the ability to work in the mornings and be home with her children in the afternoons.

She worked for many managers throughout the years–each with their own management style, which always took some time to get used to. Some that come to mind are Homer Engelhorn, Alvin Kramer, C. Emerson Murray, Warren Jamison, Dave Koland, and most recently
Duane DeKrey.

“I have a lot of good memories of working at Garrison Diversion as I look back over the years,” says Julee. “I enjoyed the hustle and bustle of meeting days at the office and the rapport developed with the board members.”

The culture of the workplace evolved over time as did the methods of communication and performing job duties. The biggest changes Julee recalls are based around technology which automated and simplified many processes throughout her tenure. From typewriters to computers and cell phones and everything in between, technology evolved the work place.

Julee is most enjoying her flexible schedule and taking the time to spend her days as she pleases. She resides in Carrington with her husband, Tom. Their two grown children are also members of the community.

“Forty years is an impressive feat this day in age, and we are grateful to Julee for her service to our organization,” says General Manager Duane DeKrey. “We wish you the very best as you enjoy your retirement!”

An Impressive 40 Years of Service - ND Water, March 2018