Garrison Diversion Bids Farewell to Board Members

Posted: Nov 30 2022
ND Water - November 2022, Garrison Diversion Bids Farewell to Board Members

This article is dedicated to four outstanding members of the Garrison Diversion Conservancy District (Garrison Diversion) Board of Directors, who are passing the torch to their successors at the end of 2022. These members have a total of 75 years of service, and take with them a multitude of knowledge. The remaining directors and staff will remember them fondly for their insight, humor, kindness and service.

As a multi-purpose project, Garrison Diversion aims to provide opportunities for industry, water supply, agriculture, recreation and development of our natural resources. Our mission is to provide a reliable, high quality and affordable water supply to benefit the people of North Dakota. Twenty-eight members make up the governing board of directors and each member is an elected representative of their county. Together, they all work to fulfill Garrison Diversion’s mission.

Rick Anderson, McLean County; Dr. Bill Krivarchka, Traill County; Roger Fenstad, Cass County; and Nancy Marquart, Nelson County, are all stepping away from their duties on Dec. 31, 2022, and in October, the individuals participated in their last quarterly board meeting. At that time, the service and dedication of these individuals was celebrated at a farewell banquet in their honor.

Rick has been a long-time advocate for North Dakota’s water industry, serving McLean County on the Garrison Diversion board since 1986. He’s a well-rounded board member fulfilling the second vice chairman, vice chairman and chairman positions throughout the years, and has also had roles on multiple other committees.

For his devotion to the water industry, Rick was recognized in 2005 with the North Dakota Water Wheel award from the North Dakota Water Users. In 2011, the Upper Missouri Water Association recognized Rick for his distinguished service in water resource development.

“Serving on the board has been a great experience for me. I got started because we used to have very poor quality
well water, then McLean-Sheridan got water, and I wanted to be more involved,” Rick says. “Then I learned a lot more
about water and how important it is, and every time I turn around it seems like I’m learning more. It’s an ongoing process, but I’ve enjoyed it.”

Bill has been a dedicated representative for Traill County since 2003. Bill has served on the executive committee and
was passionate about distributing Garrison Diversion Matching Recreation Grant funds over the several years he served
the recreation committee. He was an asset to each additional committee he served on, including the public relations and
Missouri River committees.

Bill says, “I am proud that we have been able to largely impact rural agriculture, municipal and industrial water and
recreation opportunities. The funds that we distribute have made a difference in so many communities.”
“We have been grateful to have Bill on the board and have appreciated his insight and dedication through these years,” says Garrison Diversion’s General Manager Duane DeKrey.

Cass County has been well-served by Roger on the Garrison Diversion Board since 2011. Roger was driven to run for
the Garrison Diversion board of directors because he wanted to be part of a progressive movement to secure the future of
North Dakota.

He dedicated his civil engineering career to water development across the state and has seen firsthand the statewide
need for quality water supplies. “Water is the backbone for the future growth of our agricultural, commercial and
industrial interests in the state,” he says.

Roger served on the executive committee and is a former chair and current member of the Red River Valley Committee. Roger’s commitment to securing a better future for North Dakota has not gone unnoticed. For his devotion to the water industry, Roger was recognized with the North Dakota Water Wheel award from the North Dakota Water Users.

“My time on the board was very rewarding and I enjoyed it immensely,” Roger says. “I’m very humbled to have had
the opportunity to serve Cass County and Garrison Diversion. I really enjoyed working with the staff at Garrison Diversion, it’s a first-class operation."

“While my goal when I got on the board was to get the Red River Valley Water Supply Project completed, I feel good
about the fact the project is under construction and moving forward. We’ve accomplished a lot, but there is still work to do
yet to complete this critical water supply for the whole state.”

Nancy has been making an impact as a representative of Nelson County on the Garrison Diversion board of directors
since 2017. She has gained a full perspective of Garrison Diversion’s focus areas in her time on the board, as Nancy has
sat as a member of the executive committee, served as chair of the public relations committee, is a former member of the
recreation committee, and currently sits on the MR&I committee.

“It has been a complete pleasure to serve on the Garrison Diversion board. The numerous committees, projects,
contracts, partnerships and opportunities have been challenging – but also exhilarating to see so many vast projects come
to fruition,” Nancy says.

“I am quite impressed with the Garrison Diversion people I have worked with. From the manager, to all staff, to each
individual board member; I have gained the friendship of capable, knowledgeable, hard-working, proactive, dedicated,
skilled and professional people that pay total attention to detail.”