Getting to Know Garrison Diversion Directors - Richland County

Posted: Jul 29 2020
July ND Water - Getting to Know Garrison Diversion Directors, Richland and Sheridan County
By Kimberly Cook

The Garrison Diversion Conservancy District (Garrison Diversion) board of directors consists of an elected official from each member county of the 28-member district. Directors are elected to serve their county for a four-year term. The full board meets quarterly, with additional committees meeting at various points throughout each year.

A large variety of interests and backgrounds provide a diverse group of individuals, but collectively, they all have the same purpose in mind. The members work to fulfill Garrison Diversion’s mission to provide a reliable, high-quality and affordable water supply to benefit the people of North Dakota.

As we continue profiling the directors who comprise the board, we introduce to you Kelly Klosterman, Richland County, and Jim Pellman, Sheridan County.

Since 2007, Kelly Klosterman has served on the Garrison Diversion Board of Directors, representing Richland County with enthusiasm and dedication. He is a current member
of the Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee, though he has also served a term
on the Executive Committee and acted as chairman of the Agriculture and Public Relations Committees, in addition to participation with the Engineering & Operations Committee.

“My dad was a director for many years, and I remember him thoroughly enjoying his service. Dad’s succeeding director, Lester Johnson, in trying to convince me to run for the board position, brought me along to a meeting so I could see how things went. At that point, I decided to give it a whirl, and here I am,” says Kelly. “Garrison Diversion
has an excellent board and staff to work with, and the diversified group makes it a fun and interesting board to be a part of.”

“Garrison Diversion is a very complex organization, but above all, providing North Dakotan’s with safe, pure water is the heart of our being,” he continues. “Developing irrigation projects, assisting with rural water projects and granting funds to recreation projects within our district are all part of what we do.”

As a member county of Garrison Diversion, Richland County has seen many benefits through the years according to Kelly. “When looking directly at water, Garrison Diversion has been a huge supporter and a finance arm for municipal, rural water and industrial water use, providing funds to Southeast Water Users and for the Wahpeton water treatment plant expansion. The region is also hopeful to benefit from industrial water through
the Red River Valley Water Supply Project.”

Also, the Matching Recreation Grant Program sponsored by Garrison Diversion has provided many recreation
opportunities within Richland County. Numerous parks have received new playground equipment, vault toilets and other
enhancements, plus the American Legion Natural Resource Center in Hankinson and the Marcus Friskop Learning Site and Veteran’s Memorial have received significant grant funds to develop their recreation areas.

In addition to his service to Garrison Diversion, Kelly is a member of the Richland County Soil Conservation District and the ND State Soil Conservation Committee. Kelly farms near Mooreton and enjoys spending time at the lake with his
family. Kelly and his wife, Mickie, have two grown children.