Our Mission:
To provide a reliable, high quality
and affordable water supply to
benefit the people of North Dakota.

Award Winners Recognized

ND Water - January 2018

The 28-member board of the Garrison Diversion Conservancy District (Garrison Diversion) is special for a few reasons. First, the diversity of the members provides a solid base of thinkers and doers. From the large group come farmers and ranchers, city and county commissioners, bankers, doctors, mayors, engineers, and more. Second, each of the individuals puts forth their best effort in representing Garrison Diversion and water interests across the state, which takes time and dedication above and beyond their already
full schedules. Their committed service does not go unnoticed.

This year, at the 54th Annual North Dakota Joint Water Convention and Irrigation Workshop, two of Garrison Diversion’s longtime board members were honored for their service and dedication to North Dakota’s water industry. Norman Haak, Dickey County, was inducted into the North Dakota Water Users Association (NDWUA) Hall of Fame, and Steve Metzger, Foster County, was honored with the Water Wheel Award.

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