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benefit the people of North Dakota.

McClusky Canal Irrigation

ND Water - November 2017
As the warm, dry summer months persisted, farmers in western and central North Dakota watched as their crops withered, and the outlook for production grew more dismal. Unless, however, they were fortunate enough to have the benefit of irrigation providing the critical water supply needed to sustain their crop.

Thousands of acres of crops were devastated during the 2017 growing season due to drought conditions across North Dakota. The U.S. Drought Monitor from the National Drought Mitigation Center clearly showed a progression of drought during the summer months. June showed approximately 47 percent of North Dakota in severe drought and 25 percent in extreme drought, with the hardest hit areas in west-central North Dakota. Fast forward to the end of July, with 61 percent in severe drought, 45 percent in extreme drought, and eight percent in exceptional drought, once again, with the driest areas in the west-central part of the state.

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