Our Mission:
To provide a reliable, high quality
and affordable water supply to
benefit the people of North Dakota.

Monitoring Sheyenne River Quality

Cat Tails

Garrison Diversion assists the State Water Commission with the collection of water samples on the Sheyenne River. Testing the water quality of the Sheyenne River is important to the aquatic life in the river and is also needed for planning of the Red River Water Supply Project.  Garrison Diversion collects water samples on the Sheyenne River for the State Water Commission and the Lake Agassiz Water Authority.

The State Water Commission’s samples are only taken during open water season when the river is not frozen over. Weekly sampling is done at three locations on the Sheyenne River. 

For Lake Agassiz Water Authority, samples are taken once a month at three different locations on the river. Data is collected year round, capturing both open water and under-ice conditions.  Baseline data is collected to be used for future comparisons in the Red River Valley Water Supply Project. 

The data collected for Lake Agassiz Water Authority will serve as historical data when the Red River Valley Water Supply Project is completed. The data can then be compared to identify the effects, if any, the project has on the Sheyenne River.  A large variety of tests are run on the water samples such as conductivity, alkalinity, pH, iron, calcium, phosphorus and sulfates to name a few.